Reddit Meltdown Over The_Donald Changes by CEO Huffman

Reddit is stumbling through an existential crisis as it tries to smooth over changes to user comments on the subreddit /r/The_Donald by its CEO Steve Huffman a-k-a: u/spez.

The incident is making the rounds with a story on Breitbart and a mention on this morning’s Fox & Friends:

The CEO changed established, unsavory user comments that were directed at him. The change entailed replacing his name with that of The_Donald moderators. Mr. Huffman did openly admitted he made the changes in another comment, blowing the issue open.

Appalled at this behavior, another senior moderator at Reddit leaked internal Slack chat screenshots confirming the actions by u/spez. The moderator who leaked, UnimatrixZeroOne, soon had “leaker’s regret”. But then again he didn’t. After initially feeling bad, he reconsidered because of the severity of the incident. He released a statement this morning you can read in full here.

The changes were not logged and are untraceable. This poses serious issues as internet chat board records can be used as evidence in court. There is real concern this opens the possibility that much more nefarious changes could be made against someone with malicious intent. Some users have reported this opens CondeNaste/Addvance Publications (owners or Reddit) to legal liabilities as the action by the CEO negates Reddit’s “safe harbor” protections. reddit safe harbor protections

More on this story as it develops…