Scott Adams: The Election Fog is Starting to Wear Off

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Scott “Dilbert” Adams has another great post about the hallucinogenic fog that we all just lived through. He explains our primitive brains didn’t evolve to clearly understand reality, and we each live inside our own unique “movie” of life. This can account for an election that either brought the American Spring or Hitler 2.0.

As the fog of hallucination begins to lift, he starts to breakdown the contradictions:

If you REALLY believe Hitler just came to power in the United States, why would you stop protesting? What are you doing that is more important than stopping Hitler?????????

So why did the protests fizzle out? I find this question fascinating. So should you

Scott gives a long list of evidence showing Trump is not very Hitler like– which should calm those still tripping out. He points out Trump actions:

7. Trump keeps meeting with people that opposed him, and both sides seem pleased with those meetings. That isn’t very Hitlerish.

8. Trump is non-interventionist. That doesn’t seem very Hitlerish.

Its a great read. Find Scott’s full post here.

Along with his blog archives on persuasion, you can find that and more on his blog Scott Adams’ Blog.