Rumors Around Hollyweird for Dec. 29, 2016

Just Asking – Latest rumors out of Hollyweird:

  1. What started out as a threat has taken on a life of its own. This network reality star who would rather be an actress but no one will hire her or a singer but no one bought her records or doing anything other than judging a network reality show threatened to quit. The producers said fine and said they were looking into bringing in this one named singer/dancer to replace her. She backed down and the producers were never going to land the guy anyway because their entire budget for judges for a season is what he would have wanted for one episode.
  2. They were co-stars on a quickly put out of its misery television show. He is a B list mostly television actor who had a run on that almost network hit. He needed a beard and she agreed. They thought it would be great for the show. The show is long gone, but the actress, who has nothing in the pipeline except a tiny recurring role on an almost show that is on its last legs is literally holding on to this situation by any means necessary. A couple more weeks before he breaks it off.
  3. What is not being talked about by anyone in any tribute is how this amazing B+ list mostly movie actress from a family of families when it comes to acting has been using a lot on and off the past six months and was warned something like this would happen unless she stopped.
  4. This C list celebrity wanted to sell the rights to the funeral of his actress/celebrity wife. He had no takers though.
  5. This Teen Mom dad who is not an original dad got someone pregnant other than the Teen Mom who made him famous. The Teen Mom that made him famous has no idea but it will definitely preclude them ever getting back together.
  6. This former movie franchise actress can’t get hired since she was basically fired from this network show because she thought she was the star instead of a recurring for the season. Now, the married actress is trying to convince her actor husband to do a reality show which would also ruin what is left of his career. He is already facing the loss of his weekly paycheck from his long running show ending.
  7. Something is about to go down because this lesser known celebrity sibling has been spending some money the past couple of weeks to have paps take her photo. At the gym this week she spent almost an hour pacing after getting ready because the pap was late.
  8. This A- list mostly television actor from a hit network show shares a love for hookers like his best friend who used to have his own show on the same network. The pair often go to strip clubs and compete to see who can get a stripper to go home with them for less money.
  9. This wannabe actress who is an A- list almost television star on her eponymous show has sent tens of thousands of dollars in gifts to this pro athlete in an attempt to get him to ask her out.
  10. These two actresses, the first an A-/B+ mostly movie actress from an acting family and the second, an A-/B+ foreign born mostly movie actress, can’t stand each other, especially after the second one got a huge, one in a lifetime role both of them were fighting for. It’s not the first time they are considered for the same role, though, and they have shared the same co-stars in several films. They throw each other under the bus whenever they have the chance. They are real competitors.
  11. This former A+ list mostly movie actress makes up fake errands for her celebrity husband to run every day just to get him out of the house. Our actress would run the errands but then her husband would insist on going.
  12. This foreign born A list writer probably didn’t deserve the A list tag. There were lots of other people who hated her. Our writer was a registered communist but was allowed to keep working as long as she named named of Hollywood writers who were communists. She named names just to name names whether it was true or not. Every name she named was blackballed.
  13. It was a chance thing. A coincidence. Are those two, the same thing? I think of chance being more magical than a coincidence. The magical does not necessarily have to be good however. Anyway, I had not seen this actor in about a decade at this point. Then, one Friday night we literally ran into each other in a Vegas hotel lobby. Hugs were exchanged and then he showed me that he is in massively better shape than me and proceeded to remind me of it for the next three hours. The smiles and hugs were genuine. We might not go looking for each other, but when we see each other we have that bond that can only be shared with a few other people from our past. It was back in the day. He was a friend of a friend. It was midnight and we were on the grounds of a miniature golf course. The golf course was the site of a weekly contest. A handful of us would get together and drink beer and play golf for $20 a hole. That was a ton of money to me at the time. It was a ton of money to everyone who played except for the guy who brought the future actor. The guy who brought the actor was a friend of mine. Not a great friend, but a friend. He was always willing to gamble at anytime and anyplace. In the years since, I don’t know what happened to him and the actor doesn’t either. They lost touch years ago after the person that introduced us asked for money one too many times. Anyway, there we were. Playing for more money than any of us wanted to play for. We did so because it made everyone treat it more seriously. We had fun, but everyone wanted to win. I usually ended up breaking even. I never won. Once or twice I ended up losing $40 or $60.  After we played, someone had the key to inside the building and we would drink more and play video games for free. It was the third or fourth time the actor played that summer with us that a group of guys in a big pickup truck pulled into the parking lot. Confederate flag flying, they would have been more at home at a KKK rally. Did I mention our future actor is African American? And the friend that introduced us. There were two other guys besides myself who were also there and white. We had all been walking out to our cars when the group pulled in and started doing donuts in the parking lot which kept us from getting to our cars. Even if we could have managed to get to them, there was no way we could have driven off. They stopped doing donuts and when they got out of the truck, there were 7 or 8 of them. I knew we were out numbered. Two of them had some tire chains. This whole scene was so unreal. Surreal? This stuff happened in movies, and not in a parking lot of a batting cage/golf course/video arcade place. It turns out this was not a random thing. The guy who introduced me to the future actor had won some bets from the guys and they were not good losers. They told me and the other two white guys we could leave. Nope. It doesn’t work that way. None of us were going to leave our friends. I was just wondering how badly I was going to be beaten. Tire chains would probably leave a mark. I remember that I wanted one of the guys who didn’t have a tire chain. I think we all did. When the guys from the truck came charging, the guys with the tire chains were left alone because we all went after the others. I fully expected to get a tire chain in the back or back of the head. It didn’t happen. About five minutes into this melee, a police car pulled into the parking lot and turned on its lights and sirens. The first thing the policeman saw were the guys holding the tire chains. He told them to put them down and to get down on their knees. He called for backup. There were no partners in cars at that time. Before his backup got there, he pretty much had the whole story. No one was going to get in trouble for the fight. There was barely any blood, and even if there had been, no one was going to get in trouble unless the chains had been used. The guy who introduced me to our actor did have a warrant out for his arrest though and ended up going to jail. This posed a problem for the future A+ list mostly movie actor because the guy was his ride and he lived about an hour away from where we were. No worries. I took him back to my place. Even though he only lived an hour away, that world an hour away was integrated in name only. I guess that is why the bond never goes away. As much as he thought we might be friends, I don’t think he expected me or the other guys to not only stick up for him but to fight for him. Then, to invite him to spend the night and what actually turned out to be three nights. After that encounter in the parking lot, one thing that did happen is that the late night use of the facilities was off limits. No more gambling or free video games. Our actor, who is an Academy Award winner/nominee, I didn’t see for several years afterwards. It was a one night thing we had planned on a Halloween night. After that, it was probably six years before we saw each other again. That night was just because of some mutual friends of his that he worked with on a television show and some mutual friends of me. The person in the middle was an actress and a movie premiere. It would not be until Vegas that we would see each other again and like he said, we definitely had a party. You can read about it tomorrow.

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