Rumors Around Hollyweird for Dec. 27, 2016

Just Asking – Latest rumors out of Hollyweird:
  1. While filming this Christmas movie, this lead actor or his best friend or his other best friend, both of whom are involved in this movie and generally most movies since childhood would arrange for a stripper to knock on the trailer door of this A+ list mostly movie actress asking for directions to the trailer of one of the three. They would never tell the stripper who was going to answer the door. Invariably when the door would answer and it would be the A+ lister, the stripper would spend 5-10 minutes trying to talk to her.
  2. This A-/B+ list actor filmed a movie that takes place right after Christmas. He didn’t get along with an A-/B+ list actress he had most of his scenes with. They had close scenes. He didn’t shower the entire time they filmed together just to try and make her angry.
  3. With the exception of one cast member, the majority of this holiday classic smoke pot nonstop during the entire filming. Not including the kids in the movie of course. The one holdout? It kind of seems fitting given her character, but this A/A- list mostly television actress abstained.
  4. When tributes pour in for this recently deceased A lister, don’t listen to the ones from his old label. They screwed him over by diverting funds from his records to those of a singer, the head of the label was sleeping with leaving our A lister precious little promotional money
  5. This VS model called it quits with this A+ list mostly movie actor when he wanted her to have sex with one of his actor friends. No pay, no play with her. Our actor was upset to say the least.
  6. This foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor, who is super shady and controlling when it comes to using publicity for his own purposes, yelled at a guy last Friday who tried to take a picture with our actor after the actor bought a Christmas tree from the guy’s stand. Apparently that PR machine only goes in one direction
  7. I have never done a complete tally, but most of the time PR leaks about dating, generally come from either the female in a couple or the guy who wants a beard. In this case, it is neither. This foreign born one named rapper loves having his name attached to women who would never date him. It makes people forget that he takes home a different stripper each night and goes without a condom. Quite the catch.
  8. You know that movie that had about seven parts or something like that and made billions of dollars? Yeah, the one they filmed all in a certain country. One actor on the set was kind of outed by one of the leads. Anyway, the kind of outed actor had a long loving relationship with his closeted star. They recently split after a few years together.
  9. This B list mostly television actor had a huge break as a lead in a hugely popular cable show from a former made for tv kind of cable network. Anyway, he got busted getting orally serviced by a homeless man while volunteering last week.
  10. Our favorite former Disney actress who loves to beard as much as she loves to wear bikinis bailed on volunteering this past weekend when she learned she would not be the biggest name celebrity there.
  11. Each year that passes brings his meal tickets closer to 18 when he won’t get any more meals or tickets and has made zero plans on how to live once he is forced to earn his own living. Maybe this C list celebrity with prolific sperm could try rapping again
  12. This A- list singer/songwriter/do a little bit of everything had a very good 2016. He even got played by a PR pro. Anyway, our singer decided to stand out in front of a recent gig and personally hand out tickets to the first 100 people who came up to him and recognized him. No cameras or publicity. He just thought it would be fun.
  13. Another Christmas, another year of separation for this family not because this family member is in the closet, but because this family member is gay. There is no tolerance for this A list athlete from his family.
  14. It has been a couple of months without any structure in the life of this B+ list mostly television actress from a now ended filming hit cable show on the strangely named channel. Our actress, who will soon start dropping down the list after the series stops airing needs structure. She is partying like crazy and looks a decade older. She doesn’t have enough money to quit acting for good. The longer she goes without a job, the harder it will be to land another one
  15. This permanent A list mostly movie comic actor has at the least, a handful of children. He is proud of the fact he has never changed one diaper.
via Crazy Days and Nights