Rumors Around Hollyweird for Dec. 27, 2016

CDaN Mr. X
Just Asking - Latest rumors out of Hollyweird: While filming this Christmas movie, this lead actor or his best friend or his other best friend, both of whom are involved in this movie and generally most movies since childhood would arrange for a stripper to knock on the trailer door of this A+ list mostly movie actress asking for...

InfoWars – POWERGRAB: Obama Signs Bill Federalizing All Media

alex jones at desk
Alex Jones goes over the latest concerning the actions being taken by Obama against so-called Fake News: creation of The Ministry of Truth. In this one video, he covers five of his concerns in one sitting. Watch below:   Check out Alex's full YouTube channel here. © The Alex Jones Show Copyright 1995- 2016 All Rights Reserved.

The Truth About The Fall of Rome: Modern Parallels – Molynuex

Bust of Agustus Caesar with Eyes
Stefan Molyneux goes over the similarities between the slow decay and eventual collapse of Rome to the current day issues facing The West. His closing argument shouldn't be missed:   Some points of interest during the 2.5 hour lecture: Intro to the Fall of Rome @ 5:10 The Economy @ 49:10 The Decline @ 1:47:47 Migration @ 1:58:58 The End @ 2:03:46 Testimonials...

Terror Truck Attack On Christmas Market In Berlin, Germany

christmas attack truck berlin
Reports are coming that a truck attack on a Christmas crown in Berlin has killed and injured multiple people. From DW - Truck drives into crowd at Berlin Christmas market, several injured: The incident occurred on the corner of Kantstrasse and Budapester Strasse, near the location of Berlin's iconic Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church on the Kurfürstendamm shopping mile. So far, one...

Wikileaks Insurance File Release

monochrome wikileaks logo Image if tweet disappears:

How to Clear Your Chakras In 7 Easy Steps

chakras explained
Great video that explains your 7 energy chakras, their flow and blockage, and how to clear them for better living. It's ELI5 for self actualization: What are chakras @ 0:53 Get ready to clear your chakras @ 1:37 Begin with Chakra One @ 2:02 Here's where they reside:

Anonymous Global On Clinton’s Fake News and Electoral Moves

anonymous global soros
Anon Global's latest take on Clinton, Trump, the Electoral College, the U.S. Courts, Fake News and more...   Find this announcement and their YouTube channel here.

Anonymous Official Message for 2017

anon hoodie mask
Insight on post U.S. Election maneuvers   Anonymous Official via YouTube.

Mark Dice on NBC’s Past Explosive Fake News

Mark Dice's latest, this time on NBC's fake news story of exploding trucks that were really secretly rigged: Subscribe to Mark's channel here.  

Top Actress To Become New Late Night Host?

electronic hollyweird
Crazy Days and Nights (CDaN), is a great blog with lots of juicy insight and rumors. They publish multiple Blind Items each day, and reveal some older ones also. The one that jumps out today: There is definitely going to be a late night shakeup . One of the alternatives being discussed is having this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who...

Take a Quick Look Into David Icke

david icke greenback
To kick off our Rumors section, we start with the godfather of all conspiracy theorists: David Icke. In 1990 he left a lucrative career in British broadcasting to warn the world of all kinds of conspiracy theories-- many that have since come true. This  interview with him from Vice explores his life and Reptilian Shape Shifter Illuminati theories.

Scott Adams: Persuade ISIS On Their Level

Today Scott Adams has a great post talking about dealing with ISIS from a persuasion perspective.  He discusses how pacing and leading isn't an option because we can't even get to the pacing stage with terrorists. In order to influence terrorists you have to get to the deep-level, which requires a closeness and trust. As Scott says: If you have been...
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