Scott Adams: Persuade ISIS On Their Level

Today Scott Adams has a great post talking about dealing with ISIS from a persuasion perspective.  He discusses how pacing and leading isn’t an option because we can’t even get to the pacing stage with terrorists.

In order to influence terrorists you have to get to the deep-level, which requires a closeness and trust. As Scott says:

If you have been reading my blog for the past year, allow me to translate what I just said into persuasion language. What the former head of the CIA is saying is that we don’t have the opportunity for “pacing and leading” the terrorists because we are too different from the start. To influence people at the “deep” level it helps to first become like them, to build trust and credibility. Later perhaps you can lead them to a better place, once they recognize you as one of their own.

Scott’s article goes on to talk about how a President Trump will get deep level. In fact Trump has already begun.

Read Scott’s full article here to find out if you’ve recognized Trump’s ongoing tactics…

trump with dilbert on shoulder