Tucker Carlson Crushes Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald

Newsweek Senior Writer¬†Kurt Eichenwald sat for an interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight. It wasn’t pretty. Tucker called Kurt out for his biased attacks on Donald Trump, reading off a long list of quotes from his Twitter feed. Eichenwald came prepared with attitude, research on the Tuck, and long winding backstories. But when Tucker pressed, Kurt went into secret message mode. Watch Tucker’s reaction:


  • Tucker’s opening 10-ton question @ 0:18
  • Tucker reads from Kurt’s Twitter feed @ 0:47
  • Eichenwald strikes back with his own counter-intel @ 1:50
  • Tucker’s crushing “one last question” question @ 7:11
  • Tucker gives Kurt the last 30 seconds @ 7:53