Reddit’s Steve Huffman Begs for Forgiveness – Is It Too Late?

The continuing saga of the Reddit Meltdown moves into the next stage of CEO Steve Huffman coming clean in a mea-culpa that may prove to be too little too late. Sitting down with Re/code and reported on CNBC.

Huffman, showing how clearly out of touch he still is, laments that people are using “his” platform (emphasis ours).

“The irony is, they’re on my platform. I’ve defended their right to be on our platform many times,” he said. “I don’t want to take your voice away. I just want you to stop being a_______s.”

Yes, he is CEO and currently in charge of Reddit. But last I checked it was owned by Condé Nast Publications. Importantly, the only value web properties like Reddit have are their User base. Reddit is a User sustained community with all of their content coming from user submissions. The platform is the Users. Without them there’re nothing. He’s more a steward than an owner

You can read the original post and listen to the full podcast on Recode/Decode.

What would Aaron say?

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