Reddit Meltdown Continues with Banning Toxic Users

The insanity at Reddit continues this week with various sources reporting on the internal wars going on between management, moderators and users. It was last revealed the Reddit CEO Steve Huffman (u/spez) had changed user comments that were directed at him. The changes replaced Huffman as the target of ire to moderators of the subreddit r/The_Donald. He posted a mea-culpa yesterday but it has done nothing to douse the fire. If anything it’s reignited it.

One report on the Verge titled Reddit lost an adult CEO and installed a child, shows the internal arrogance of CEO Huffman as he derided ex CEO Ellen Pao in comments, only to realize she was still a reddit user and saw them, prompting a scathing reply: Reddit ex-CEO Ellen Pao

When a Reddit user called out an ArsTechnica piece comparing his behavior to Pao’s disciplined approach in the role, Huffman first responded by questioning her expertise:

It’s fair. Ellen wasn’t the first Reddit engineer, so she probably lacked the expertise to do it, and even if she did, she was smart enough to not.

Pao later saw the comment and responded directly to Huffman:

Yeah, there’s no comparison. I would have immediately fired anyone who did that.


This comes as reddit management tried to clamp down on the wildly successful and influential The_Donald. Their actions have many people concerned about free speech implications of online public forums and the cherry-picking involved in removing “unwanted” speech and expression. They swear that’s not the casr but no one really bnelieves that with Huffman’s mealy mouth reply. From Reuters:

“We don’t want to be censoring political beliefs, but then they do misbehave,” he said. “That’s why we have worked so closely with the r/The_Donald community. We tell them: don’t force us to ban you.”

The first wave of bans will likely be skewed to the r/The_Donald community because “that is a catalyst for a lot of this right now. That community is stirred up,” Huffman said.

Given the fact Steve Huffman has already admitted changing and faking user generated content. No one can trust the site won’t maliciously set-up subreddits/users/content/commentary it doesn’t like.

u/spez, didn’t intend…

uSpez mea culpa pt 1

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