How The Early Medieval Irish Helped Save Civilization – Episode 1 of 12

Western Civilization has a long history of struggle to survive and evolve. In one of its darkest periods, it fell upon the people of Ireland to secure and protect The West.

We’re happy to highlight the following radio series on this important chapter of history.

Back From The Brink- The Heroic Contribution of The Irish in Helping To Save Western Civilization

From the Producer: The annals of history record that as the Roman Empire disintegrated into ruin, the newly Christianized and newly literate Early Medieval Irish of this era (450 to 850 AD) helped to re-launch Western Civilization by leaving their native land to fan out through Europe, and establish hundreds of monastic centres of learning and scholarship, thus helping to reconnect a culturally decimated post-Roman Empire Europe with her rich literary, classical and Christian heritage.


Show Highlights:

  • Birth of Patricius, now known as Saint Patrick
  • Upper class Patrick is captured and sold into chattel slavery
  • Patrick’s renewed Christian faith and its cultivation while in captivity
  • Escaping slavery in Ireland, then the desire to return to help others
Check out the full series on Paul Wright's YouTube channel.