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EXPOSED: Hollyweird Rumors Revealed for Dec. 28, 2016

Loose lips' latest revelations: Rumored Date: December 17, 2016 There is definitely going to be a late night shakeup. One of the alternatives being discussed is...
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Rumors Around Hollyweird for Dec. 28, 2016

Just Asking - Latest rumors out of Hollyweird: This back in the day holiday movie that everyone watches had a massive coverup. After much...
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EXPOSED: Hollyweird Rumors Revealed for Dec. 27, 2016

Loose lips' latest revelations: Rumored: December 16, 2016 Apparently this foreign born former Twilight actor turned A-/B+ list mostly movie actor is scared of his girlfriend...
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Secret Obama/Kushner Meeting Turns Into Screaming Match

Did Obama insult Jared Kushner's father to the point of Jared getting up in a posturing move and screaming at the President? Did the Secret...
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Rumors Around Hollyweird for Dec. 27, 2016

Just Asking - Latest rumors out of Hollyweird: While filming this Christmas movie, this lead actor or his best friend or his other best...
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Wikileaks Insurance File Release Image if tweet disappears:
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Anonymous Global On Clinton’s Fake News and Electoral Moves

Anon Global's latest take on Clinton, Trump, the Electoral College, the U.S. Courts, Fake News and more...   Find this announcement and their YouTube channel here.
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Anonymous Official Message for 2017

Insight on post U.S. Election maneuvers   Anonymous Official via YouTube.
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Top Actress To Become New Late Night Host?

Crazy Days and Nights (CDaN), is a great blog with lots of juicy insight and rumors. They publish multiple Blind Items each day, and...
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Take a Quick Look Into David Icke

To kick off our Rumors section, we start with the godfather of all conspiracy theorists: David Icke. In 1990 he left a lucrative career...
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Anonymous Global: America Post-Election Outlook

The latest from Anonymous Global:  
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