The Truth About The Fall of Rome: Modern Parallels – Molynuex

Bust of Agustus Caesar with Eyes

Stefan Molyneux goes over the similarities between the slow decay and eventual collapse of Rome to the current day issues facing The West.

His closing argument shouldn’t be missed:


Some points of interest during the 2.5 hour lecture:

  • Intro to the Fall of Rome @ 5:10
  • The Economy @ 49:10
  • The Decline @ 1:47:47
  • Migration @ 1:58:58
  • The End @ 2:03:46

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Tucker Carlson Crushes Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald

kurt eichenwald on tucker carlson tonight

Newsweek Senior Writer¬†Kurt Eichenwald sat for an interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight. It wasn’t pretty. Tucker called Kurt out for his biased attacks on Donald Trump, reading off a long list of quotes from his Twitter feed. Eichenwald came prepared with attitude, research on the Tuck, and long winding backstories. But when Tucker pressed, Kurt went into secret message mode. Watch Tucker’s reaction:


  • Tucker’s opening 10-ton question @ 0:18
  • Tucker reads from Kurt’s Twitter feed @ 0:47
  • Eichenwald strikes back with his own counter-intel @ 1:50
  • Tucker’s crushing “one last question” question @ 7:11
  • Tucker gives Kurt the last 30 seconds @ 7:53

Stefan Molyneux – Why Civilizations Rise and Fall with Michael Woodley

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Stefan discusses the effects of nature on human I.Q. and its impact on society with Dr. Michael Woodley of Menie.



  • Impact of the cold and its retreat to a warmer planet @ 20:00
  • Measuring by cognitive ability Reaction Times @ 31:00
  • The “dark matter” of Intelligence Studies @ 48:00
  • What does the future hold if we’re losing an IQ point per decade @ 1:10:00


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PJW Breaks Down the False Russia ‘Hacking the Election’ Narrative

john paul watson - let that sink in

Over at @PrisonPlanet Paul Joseph Watson (JWS) does a great job of fleshing out the malarkey surrounding Russia ‘Hacking the Election’.

He runs through the whole story: Democrat reaction to the election loss, ginned up CIA claims, James Clapper spearheading the info, pundit calls for nuclear strikes on Russia (from a non-citizen no less).

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Mark Dice Skewers the Fake News King Brian Williams

Mark Dice

Mark Dice continues his mainstream media takedowns. This one surrounding the #FakeNews hysteria propagated by Fake News Networks.

King of Fake News, Brian Williams, who was “demoted” for telling tall tales of him in battle, lectures us about fake news. As always Mark rips them a new one with his trademark humor.


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