alex jones at desk

InfoWars – POWERGRAB: Obama Signs Bill Federalizing All Media

Alex Jones goes over the latest concerning the actions being taken by Obama against so-called Fake News: creation of The Ministry of Truth. In this...
Bust of Agustus Caesar with Eyes

The Truth About The Fall of Rome: Modern Parallels – Molynuex

Stefan Molyneux goes over the similarities between the slow decay and eventual collapse of Rome to the current day issues facing The West. His closing...

Mark Dice on NBC’s Past Explosive Fake News

Mark Dice's latest, this time on NBC's fake news story of exploding trucks that were really secretly rigged: Subscribe to Mark's channel here.  
kurt eichenwald on tucker carlson tonight

Tucker Carlson Crushes Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald

Newsweek Senior Writer Kurt Eichenwald sat for an interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight. It wasn't pretty. Tucker called Kurt out for his biased attacks on...
john paul watson - let that sink in

PJW: What They’re NOT Telling You About Fake News

Paul Joseph Watson tears down the fake claims about fake news from Hillary Clinton and the Mainstream Media. Watch him explore real "fake news" like:...
free domain radio logo

Stefan Molyneux – Why Civilizations Rise and Fall with Michael Woodley

Stefan discusses the effects of nature on human I.Q. and its impact on society with Dr. Michael Woodley of Menie.   Highlights: Impact of the cold...
john paul watson - let that sink in

PJW Breaks Down the False Russia ‘Hacking the Election’ Narrative

Over at @PrisonPlanet Paul Joseph Watson (JWS) does a great job of fleshing out the malarkey surrounding Russia 'Hacking the Election'. He runs through the...
Mark Dice

Mark Dice Skewers the Fake News King Brian Williams

Mark Dice continues his mainstream media takedowns. This one surrounding the #FakeNews hysteria propagated by Fake News Networks. King of Fake News, Brian Williams, who...
Presidential Seal

Trump’s “Transition 2017” YouTube Channel

The incoming administration just created a "Transition 2017" YouTube Channel. Fresh off the press, there are only a few videos, but subscribe now!
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Jenna Jameson Smacks Down Hypocrite Bill Maher

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Mainstream Media Finally “Gets” A Trump Joke In an astounding display of awareness, the Mainstream Media finally understood nuance in President Trump's voice when he used it to make a joke....

4Chan Trump Trolls Rick Wilson and the Establishment

A new report tonight from Buzzfeed describes a situation where Russia has PE Trump in a compromised position and open to influence. In admittedly...
Story of St. Patrick

How The Early Medieval Irish Helped Save Civilization – Episode 1 of 12

Western Civilization has a long history of struggle to survive and evolve. In one of its darkest periods, it fell upon the people of...
Mark Dice in front of White House

Mark Dice’s Top Ten TRIGGERED For 2016

Mark Dice covers his ranking of the worst triggerings for Social Justice Warriors in 2016 and gets a good laugh from their antics: Check out...
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Gavin McInnes’ Trump Top Ten For 2016

Over at The Rebel, Gavin McInnes outlines his greatest Trump Moments for 2016. As usual, he does a great take on why Trump is...