Jenna Jameson Smacks Down Hypocrite Bill Maher

Jenna Tweets Bill

Bill Maher has been steadily losing touch being so deep in the Hollywood bubble. Aside from screaming “COOUUUP” half drunk on last season’s finale, he opened this season ranting about the “pussy grabbing” comments. His objections to them always seemed a bit odd coming from Bill as he has a bit of a reputation as a ladies man himself.

Forgetting the fact President Trump and Billy Bush were talking about what kind of behavior by celebrities women condone, Jenna Jameson has finally come out publicly to let Bill know she knows he’s well versed in “boy talk”. Nice to see her be the one to finally call him out on his hypocrisy.

Mainstream Media Finally “Gets” A Trump Joke

Trump Laughs

In an astounding display of awareness, the Mainstream Media finally understood nuance in President Trump’s voice when he used it to make a joke. While addressing his senior staffers before their swearing in, the President told them how President Obama had left him a letter in the Oval Office. President Trump went on to say how thankful he was for the letter and the thoughtfulness behind it. He followed up by changing his voice’s tone and cadence to deliver a funny jab at the Press, saying he wouldn’t tell the them what was in the letter, getting a laugh from the group:

“I just went to the Oval Office and found this beautiful letter from President Obama,” … “It was really very nice of him to do that and we will cherish that. We will keep that and we won’t even tell the press what’s in that letter.”

In an editorial turn-around, The Hill is reporting President Trump made a joke, instead of lambasting him with complaints he was “breaking protocol” or some other hogwash. The Mainstream Media has been pretending they don’t know the difference between the President’s literal and figurative uses of speech. Perhaps this is a sign they will stop using such a dishonest reporting tactic.

4Chan Trump Trolls Rick Wilson and the Establishment

A new report tonight from Buzzfeed describes a situation where Russia has PE Trump in a compromised position and open to influence. In admittedly unverifiable information, they report Trump, while in Russia, rented a hotel room frequented by the President and Michele Obama then hired hookers to perform urination acts on the bed because Trump disliked the President and his wife so much. Worst of all, they report Russia has the incident recorded on video and planned to influence Trump with it.

Soon after the story broke, 4Chan bubbled up past conversations of a successful catfishing attempt on the story’s originator Rick Wilson. An Anon from 4Chan convinced Rick Wilson that the crazy fanfiction story was real. 4Chan is archived and a search confirmed the hoax root of the story.

From November 1st, 2016:

“They took what I told Rick Wilson and added a Russian spy angle to it.”

From Rick Wilson, the story made its way through Washington and eventually into the hands Sen. John McCain, who then took it to the Intelligence Agencies. The “incident” is now part of the special intel report, already read by both Obama and Trump. Classy.

Even though proof of the story’s origin came from 4Chan tonight, the story has been around journalistic circles for a while looking for a publisher. Many publications passed on printing it, considering the story unverifiable and doubtful. Others used it anyway.

In one example, /pol/anon was promoted to “Veteran Spy” in a David Corn “exclusive”:

Defamatory accusations, new-low hit pieces, duped journalists, politicians, and spys–

Once again, the hivemind of internet chanboards mass-effect our world.


How The Early Medieval Irish Helped Save Civilization – Episode 1 of 12

Story of St. Patrick

Western Civilization has a long history of struggle to survive and evolve. In one of its darkest periods, it fell upon the people of Ireland to secure and protect The West.

We’re happy to highlight the following radio series on this important chapter of history.

Back From The Brink- The Heroic Contribution of The Irish in Helping To Save Western Civilization

From the Producer: The annals of history record that as the Roman Empire disintegrated into ruin, the newly Christianized and newly literate Early Medieval Irish of this era (450 to 850 AD) helped to re-launch Western Civilization by leaving their native land to fan out through Europe, and establish hundreds of monastic centres of learning and scholarship, thus helping to reconnect a culturally decimated post-Roman Empire Europe with her rich literary, classical and Christian heritage.


Show Highlights:

  • Birth of Patricius, now known as Saint Patrick
  • Upper class Patrick is captured and sold into chattel slavery
  • Patrick’s renewed Christian faith and its cultivation while in captivity
  • Escaping slavery in Ireland, then the desire to return to help others
Check out the full series on Paul Wright's YouTube channel.

The Truth About The Fall of Rome: Modern Parallels – Molynuex

Bust of Agustus Caesar with Eyes

Stefan Molyneux goes over the similarities between the slow decay and eventual collapse of Rome to the current day issues facing The West.

His closing argument shouldn’t be missed:


Some points of interest during the 2.5 hour lecture:

  • Intro to the Fall of Rome @ 5:10
  • The Economy @ 49:10
  • The Decline @ 1:47:47
  • Migration @ 1:58:58
  • The End @ 2:03:46

Testimonials from recent viewers:

testimonial 4

testimonial 1

testimonial 2

testimonial 3

Check out the rest of Stefan’s library and subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

Check out Stefan’s broadcasting site Free Domain Radio here.

Terror Truck Attack On Christmas Market In Berlin, Germany

christmas attack truck berlin

Reports are coming that a truck attack on a Christmas crown in Berlin has killed and injured multiple people.

From DW – Truck drives into crowd at Berlin Christmas market, several injured:

The incident occurred on the corner of Kantstrasse and Budapester Strasse, near the location of Berlin’s iconic Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church on the KurfĂĽrstendamm shopping mile. So far, one person is reported to have died as a result of the incident. At least ten people have been reported as injured.

Police are treating the event as an attack

Additional active reporting can be found at:

Reuters – Truck plows into crowd at Berlin Christmas market, nine dead:

berlin xmas attack truck

New York Post – Several killed when truck plows into crowded Christmas market in Berlin:

nypost berlin xmas attack scene


Take a Quick Look Into David Icke

david icke greenback

To kick off our Rumors section, we start with the godfather of all conspiracy theorists: David Icke. In 1990 he left a lucrative career in British broadcasting to warn the world of all kinds of conspiracy theories– many that have since come true.

This  interview with him from Vice explores his life and Reptilian Shape Shifter Illuminati theories.